Friday, March 03, 2006

Europe calling Cards

Albania ( cards)
Albania-Tirana ( cards)
Andorra ( cards)
Austria ( cards)
Belarus ( cards)
Belarus-Minsk ( cards)
Belgium ( cards)
Bosnia And Herzegovina ( cards)
Bulgaria-Sofia ( cards)
Bulgaria ( cards)
Croatia ( cards)
Czech Republic ( cards)
Czech Republic-Prague ( cards)
Denmark ( cards)
Estonia ( cards)
Faroe Islands ( cards)
Finland ( cards)
France ( cards)
Germany ( cards)
Gibraltar ( cards)
Greece ( cards)
Greece-Athens ( cards)
Hungary ( cards)
Hungary-Budapest ( cards)
Iceland ( cards)
Ireland ( cards)
Ireland - Dublin ( cards)
Italy-Rome ( cards)
Italy ( cards)
Latvia ( cards)
Liechtenstein ( cards)
Lithuania ( cards)
Luxembourg ( cards)
Macedonia ( cards)
Malta ( cards)
Moldova ( cards)
Monaco ( cards)
Netherlands ( cards)
Norway ( cards)
Poland ( cards)
Poland-Warsaw ( cards)
Portugal ( cards)
Romania ( cards)
Romania-Bucharest ( cards)
Russia-Moscow ( cards)
Russia ( cards)
Russia-St.Petersburg ( cards)
San Marino ( cards)
Serbia ( cards)
Slovakia ( cards)
Slovakia-Bratislava ( cards)
Slovenia ( cards)
Spain-Barcelona ( cards)
Spain-Madrid ( cards)
Spain - Canary Isl.( cards)
Spain ( cards)
Sweden ( cards)
Sweden - Stockholm ( cards)
Switzerland ( cards)
UK ( cards)
UK-London ( cards)
Ukraine ( cards)
Ukraine-Kiev ( cards)
Ukraine-Odessa ( cards)
Ukraine-Lvov ( cards)
United Kingdom-London ( cards)
United Kingdom ( cards)
Vatican City ( cards)

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